Business to business support

Worcestershire Works Well businesses have found that business-to-business support has been extremely valuable when working towards accreditation for level 1, 2 or 3. Business-to-business support involves champions from local companies sharing knowledge, experience or practical help with each other when working towards accreditation.

Business champions

Business champions that have signed up to support other companies may offer help by telephone, email, face to face meetings or other methods. The main purpose of business support is to share experience of implementing health and wellbeing initiatives, activities and approaches.

Your WWW representative is the most appropriate person to provide workplace health and wellbeing guidance, and this will not be provided as part of business-to-business support.

Worcestershire Works Well does not take responsibility for the information, advice and support shared between businesses. Business-to-business support is provided purely for your convenience and does not imply that Worcestershire Works Well endorses or supports these organisations or products/ services in any way. 

The following WWW business champions have signed up to offer support to other businesses as part of a Worcestershire Works Well pilot, please contact them directly:

Picture of Joanne Watkins

Joanne Watkins - Operations Manager, Hewett Recruitment

Contact Jo:

Hewett Recruitment is a Worcestershire recruitment company that has been established since 1980. Hewett Recruitment achieved Worcestershire Works Well Level 2 accreditation in November 2018, and they have been a strong proactive Worcestershire Works Well Strategic Board member for a few years. Hewett Recruitment have positively embedded health and wellbeing across their sites and have been recognised for their internal and external communications across the 9 standards.

Staff of Titania

Shelley Gunnell - Chief Human Resources Officer, Titania

Contact Shelley:

Titania is a security software solution company with over 50 employees in the county. Titania achieved Worcestershire Works Well Level 2 accreditation in September 2014, and they have previously been a valuable Worcestershire Works Well Strategic Board member. Titania are particularly strong in supporting mental health in the workplace, rolling out their Heart and health and wellbeing related benefits/ culture.